Temporary and Flexible T&Cs



Nature of Engagement
CPM Field Marketing Ltd (CPM) engages workers on a tactical basis to work on behalf of various clients for specific activities over a specified period. Such work is offered on an ad-hoc basis as and when there is work to be done. There is no mutuality of obligation upon either party to offer or accept any further work at any stage in the future and tactical work is not deemed to form a Contract of Employment.

Breach of terms
If you fail to meet the requirements set out in this statement we will consider that you have breached these terms and your engagement will end without notice.

Acceptance of terms
Commencement of duties under this engagement will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.


If as part of the activity you are working on you are required to attend a briefing, details will be sent to you by the Activity Manager and you will be expected to attend the briefing in full. Payment for any briefing will be made with your first wage claim once you have started work and CPM reserves the right to withhold payment for briefings if you subsequently fail to start work on an activity. Where appropriate bonus payments for briefings will be made subject to the following criteria:
you report to the appointed Manager on arrival at least 15 minutes prior to start of the briefing you are appropriately dressed in smart business dress
you conduct yourself in an appropriate professional manner throughout the briefing

Work Location
You are required to work within the territory or store assigned to you, as detailed in your activity confirmation letter. Your location or hours of work may be adjusted in line with business requirements and CPM reserves the right to ask you to work within a reasonable travelling distance of your home. You may be required to travel further afield for briefings or team meetings if applicable.

Work standards
If your standards of performance are to be measured by achievement of targets, these will be confirmed to you at the briefing stage. Whilst engaged by CPM you must at all times be punctual, polite and appropriately dressed as required by the Activity Manager. Under no circumstances are you permitted to subcontract your work or carry out the work at times other than those stipulated to you. CPM reserve the right to withhold pay and/or terminate your engagement if your performance standards, reporting and paperwork do not meet the requirements outlined to you in the briefing documents and indicated to you by the Activity Manager.

Notice period
No notice period applies to workers engaged on a tactical basis.

The engagement may be terminated by either party at any time without notice.

Holiday entitlement
The CPM holiday year runs from January to December. You are entitled to claim up to the statutory minimum per annum pro-rata to the amount of work undertaken. You are not permitted to carry over any outstanding holiday from one year to another.


Wages & expenses
Wages will be paid directly into your bank account on 25th of each month. CPM reserves the right to audit your wages and expense claims, to amend excessive claims and to deduct any excess amounts claimed from any sums owed to you by the Company. All Tactical workers are required to complete and return their wage claims within 4 weeks of completing an activity. Wage claims received after this period may be refused or subject to delayed payment. Business expenses will be paid at cost by evidence of VAT receipts only and only by prior agreement with the Activity Manager. Unless specifically detailed in the booking details sent to you, you will not be entitled to claim reimbursement for mileage. Where a half-day is worked, and payment is confirmed per day, this will be paid pro-rata.


Company property
In the event of you being provided with product stock, a cash float or any other company equipment or items to enable you to carry out an activity, all such assets must be returned to CPM in the condition it was issued, either upon instruction from the Activity Manager or at the end of the activity. Should you fail to return such assets or damage them as above CPM reserves the right to make deductions from pay and/or bonus to cover the cost of those assets.

On some activities you may be required to wear a uniform. Whilst in uniform, you are representing CPM and the Client at all times, including breaks. Therefore whilst in uniform you should not consume alcohol, smoke or eat (except in the allocated areas) or behave in any manner which could adversely affect the reputation of the Company or Client. At the end of the activity, you will be required to return the uniform to CPM in a condition satisfactory to the Company. Failure to do so will result in deductions from your pay to cover the cost or repair of the uniform.

Cash & Carry
In the event you are required to obtain stock from a C&C, you are required to return all accurately reconciled stock to your C&C by Friday of each week throughout any activity. You must not keep any stock over a weekend. Failure to comply with this will result in deductions from your salary if subsequent theft or misplacement of stock occurs.

Should you be engaged on an activity for which you are required to provide a vehicle, you should ensure that it is properly maintained and in a fit and roadworthy condition. Should you be engaged on an activity where a vehicle is provided by the Company, your engagement will be subject to provision of your current valid driving licence and suitable confirmation of appropriate vehicle insurance. If you are required to carry stock or be engaged in commercial travelling activities in your own vehicle you may be required to take out additional cover. If you fail to arrange adequate cover, you will be liable for any loss of stock. It is also a condition of any engagement requiring the use of a vehicle that your driving licence does not display convictions for road traffic offences (e.g. driving under the influence of drink or drugs, reckless or dangerous driving – this list is not exhaustive). Any conviction must be communicated to the Company as soon as possible. Rules regarding vehicle use will be confirmed to you in your briefing document and these must be adhered to at all times.


Sickness or other absence
You must inform your Activity Manager as soon as possible and no later than 9.15am on the first day of absence if you are unable to work. Thereafter it is important that you keep the Company regularly informed of your intended date of return.

Sick pay
Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is only payable subject to meeting the SSP qualifying conditions.


Legal Right to work
This offer is made subject to your provision of evidence of your legal right to work in the United Kingdom on or before the proposed start date. Please be aware that if you are unable to provide adequate original documentation you cannot start working or attend any preliminary training and this offer may be withdrawn.

You are required to keep confidential, both during and after the termination of this engagement, without limit in point of time, all information that may be obtained in the course of your engagement. Confidential information concerning business and the affairs of the Company, and any associated company, the Company’s clients and their customers must not be divulged to unauthorised persons.

Data Protection
See GDPR Workplace Privacy Notice.

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure
The Company’s formal disciplinary or grievance procedures do not apply to this engagement. However if you are dissatisfied with any issues relating to your engagement you should raise the matter as soon as possible with your Activity Manager.

Working Time
Under the Working Time Regulations your total working hours should not exceed 48 hours per week averaged over a 17 week period (40 hours per week for workers younger than 18). Your hours with the Company fall within this limit, however if you work for any other company at the same time as working for CPM Field Marketing Ltd, it is your responsibility to ensure that your total average working hours do not exceed the 48-hour limit. If you have any concerns about this, please discuss the matter with your Manager. In addition, if you work more than 6 hours in one day, you are entitled to an unpaid rest break of 20 minutes (30 minutes after 4.5 hours worked for workers younger than 18). If you have any queries about this you should discuss this with your Manager.

Health & Safety
You are required to adhere to the Company’s Health & Safety at Work Policy, as outlined to you in the briefing document.

Additional work

To ensure legal compliance with Working Time Regulations (see Working Time) and delivery of our service to our clients, you must provide full details of any additional work, including other tactical work for CPM, you intend to undertake and obtain permission from your Line Manager in advance of starting additional work.

Variation in Terms
The Company reserves the right to amend or add to the above terms in line with business needs at its discretion.

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